Sunday, January 4, 2009


In answer to a comment on the post below.
Odessa is a place or should i say my dream place for people to become friends and have fun for free on there blogs as every thing today has a price tag on it and some one getting rich quick through you.Well no one pays for anything on Odessa but if you want the best blogs and everything that comes with them you will pay us all here but not with money with your support and comments and posts that's all we ask of any of you. No rip offs here and V.I.P blogs are free for those who help us and not just join and fade away to do nothing to help us make Odessa better.If you join us and sit back and do nothing like comments and make posts you will see very little of Odessa's secrets and I'm sorry to say in time you will be deleted from Odessa as you agreed to help us all when you joined us. But if you support us all here and i do mean all not just adult blogs general blogs as well you Will i guarantee see everything in time.If you keep an eye on are update blog for new posts and leave comments on them each day or when you can in my book you are on your way to getting V.I.P blogs. (Don't be like some members here and gain all V.I.P blogs and then don't support us any more as you will lose everything you gained if you do.You must keep up your support if you want to keep your V.I.P blogs OK)

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