Thursday, November 26, 2009



The black prince challenge is to find all nine combination vaults that are on different Odessa blogs.On the side panel of this black prince challenge blog you will see a password and this password is the master password and will open all nine combination vaults.In each of the combination vaults you will find a number or symbol inside it and this number or symbol is part of the nine digit password to the Black Prince tomb Combination vault.Once you have all nine digits keep trying your luck in the black prince tomb combination vault on the side panel of this blog.If your team is lucky and you enter the right password you will see how to get to the black prince vault once you enter your password. Please share what you find with your other friends in your team on the black prince noticeboard.
Good luck to you all and may you have lots of fun during this challenge.I hope you do as my life wont be worth living once you all have kicked me around the room.

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