Thursday, November 8, 2012

BBC Documentary Film on Salman Khan

Salman Khan
A big good news for all the Salman Khan fans is that well known BBC network is busy making a documentary film on Salman Khan !

BBC is much inspired by Salman Khan's Box Office Power. According to leading daily:
BBC is busy planning a documentary on Salman Khan as he's the highest box-office earner. But the actor isn't talking to the makers as he cant boast about himself. So one of his close friends, who has all the facts, is helping them script the film.
The simplicity of Salman Khan is that he is not helping the makers of the film because he do not want to praise himself and that's why a close friend of Salman is helping the BBC team.

Salman Khan is ruling the Box Office since Eid 2009. Started with Wanted, Salman made several records on Box Office in four years till Ek Tha Tiger. Many more to Come !

Before year 2009, Salman was facing a hard time in his career. Even his father Salim Khan revealed that Salman was not serious with his work. He did films for friends. But today Salman is the King of Box Office. He is the darling of the masses. He is the most loved Superstar of India.

Shahrukh and Aamir Khan are already enjoying International fame and now it is Salman Khan's turn. This documentary film is the first step towards International Fame. With the prayers of his fans, InshAllah Salman will soon touch the heights of International Fame.

Salman Khan is one of the few Bollywood superstars whose Wax Statue is displayed in Madam Tussaud's Museum.

I am anxiously waiting for this Documentary film. The BBC team will investigate, research and document the effect of Salman Khan on a Movie.

Salman Bhai, We all are Proud of You !

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