Monday, August 6, 2012

Kashmera's love for Krushna began with 'a one-night stand'!

Kashmera`s love for Krushna began with `a one-night stand`!

In a startling interview to Cine Blitz, Bollywood bombshell Kashmera Shah has dropped a real bomb! She has gone ahead and admitted in print that her relationship with her boyfriend Krushna began with `a one-night stand`! Oh oh! 

Over a tete-e-tete that makes mush look obsolete and jaded, the hottie who has been living in with Krushna from almost six years; candidly revealed the little secret behind how it all began! 

`Before we landed on the sets of a film we were to do together, I didn't even know him (Krushna). I knew I was to work with Govinda's nephew in the film, that's all. I never carried high heels hence`. Uff! 

So was it during the course of the film they started seeing each other? `It was a one-night stand for both of us, ` Kash boldly divulged, without even batting an eyelid!

What's more! Surprisingly, the otherwise media-shy Krushna was as outspoken as his lady love! He added, `Actually that is how it happens with everyone... it is just that they do not admit. But after that night, she got a lot more caring towards me... bringing me khaana and all!`

Krushna further revealed, `Actually, Kash was giving me hints from the beginning itself. There was this once when we were seated in the van and the lights when off and I said, 'Ab kya kare?' Now that is something anyone would have said in that circumstance, and very suggestively our lady here says, 'Kyun, kuch kare?'!! 

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