Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sonal slogs to get the hottest body tag in Bollywood

Sonal slogs to get the hottest body tag in Bollywood

Actress takes on a new workout regime ViPR to get the hottest body tag in Bollywood 

In an attempt to have the hottest body in B-Town, Sonal Chauhan has taken on a new workout regime called ViPR that has been popular in the UK. The actress who is a fitness enthusiast, was introduced to the technique by her physical trainer as it is considered more effective than traditional weight training.

ViPR which stands for vitality, performance and reconditioning appears to look like a long pipe that can be lifted in the air to tone arms and swung to work out the sides. It replaces gym equipment like dumb bells and bar bells. 

Says a source, `Sonal was spotted trying out the exercise technique at a suburban gym. She feels it bridges the gap between movement and strength training as it provides a complete workout, builds muscle and also burns calories.

Adds the source, `It looks extremely interesting as it's very rigorous and requires a lot of core strength. Sonal comes in and works out for about two hours everyday alternating cardio with ViPR training. 

She really pushes herself hard and her trainer really eggs her on in preparation for her next film.`

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