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How Ameesha has suddenly become a hot and sexy girl?

How Ameesha has suddenly become a hot and sexy girl?

The actress speaks out from her heart about the buzz surrounding her 

Of late, Ameesha Patel's name has been dragged into several controversies. Though there are several speculations, the star rubbishes them all. Read on...

How is 2012 going for you?
The year couldn't have begun better then it did (touchwood) with so much of happening from Race 2 to Bhaiyyaji Superhit to Shortcut Romeo to endorsements to my own production house. I am also in talks for two other films. Things are looking positive and God willing next year, it will be even better and bigger.

How was it working with actors like Anil Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sunny Deol, John Abraham and Saif Ali Khan all in one year together?
It's been a pleasure knowing them all and working with such fine actors. Of course I've already worked with Saif and Sunny before. It's been a pleasure to work with them again and be a part of some big films.

What about your personal relationship? How come we don't hear any more about that?
I've always been honest about them and spoken about them which I guess didn't really go well for me. Now I'm just focussing on my career and my production house and enjoying life more then I have ever and in no mood for any serious relationships at all.

How come the sweet girl Ameesha has suddenly become a hot and sexy girl?
The credit goes entirely to my business partner Kuunal Goomer who always feels that it's the correct attitude that sells in Bollywood. Since I have the looks, talent and attitude then why not show it? (touchwood). 

Things have been really working and in spite of a big gap and some negative people who always try writing me off here I am here with five releases lined up in the next 12 months.

What about the rumours that you were removed from a property that you claimed to have purchased?
Firstly, the property which was spoken about was the one which my partner Kuunal and I were planning to rent on behalf of our company in his and my name on behalf of Ameesha Patel Productions. It was for our CEO Sanchita Chatterjee to reside and not for me. 

The deal for the house which I was supposed to purchase from the same owner in the same building fell off at a very early stage. The owner called my broker Sanjay after taking a token for the rented house after which my partner Kuunal and I both signed on a basic letter as a confirmation since our CEO needed to shift ASAP. 

But after encashing our cheque three days later, he came up with the excuse that I being a celebrity will create problems in the building once he sells the apartment to me and press won't be allowed in the building if I have parties. 

My partner and I found it ridiculous so my CEO Sanchita and I backed off from the deal and as no registration was done, I asked for my money back for rented house deal which he has happily encashed. 

So in retaliation he put up rubbish news in papers as he didn't want to pay the money back. So as of now I'm happily staying where I am staying since years now and in fact my hunt for a lovely dream apartment is still on

What does Ameesha Patel Productions have in store for the people?
Our company is currently working on a project that is my partner Kuunal's concept called Desi Magic. It is entirely his brainchild and we should go on the floors latest by mid-October. We are excited about it and of course post that we shall be busy with our other project with David Dhawan.

What is your reaction towards the Bhatts when they refer to your name for the character that Bipasha Basu is playing in their film Raaz 3?
Each one is entitled to his opinion and we should all respect that. I hope the film does well for them after all so much hard work, efforts, passion, time and money goes into a film. The Bhatts are very talented and have made some very special films that entertain people and I'm sure this, too, will and I hope the best for them

What is Ameesha Patel's dream?
All that I can dream now is that like Gadar which had touched a R 200 crore club mark and created history, I hope in this second innings of mine I am lucky to work with some fine actors and directors who feel that Ameesha Patel is the sexy actress whom they would love to romance on screen and celebrate their box office success with and deliver another R 200 crore at the box office.


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