Monday, September 3, 2012

I had sex for money: Sherlyn

I had sex for money: Sherlyn

Actor Sherlyn Chopra, who became the first Indian actor to pose nude on the cover of Playboy magazine, has made a sensational confession on Twitter as she said she had sex for money.

The bold actor said on Friday she had sex for money on various occasions in the past.

"I've been receiving contact numbers on my twitter handle n on of those who wish 2 enjoy..... physical intimacy with me at a price,` Chopra tweeted. 

"In the past,on various occasions,I've had sex 4 money...out of all my past experiences of paid sex,there's not a single one that I remember having indulged in out of free will," she said.

Chopra, however, admitted she is no longer available for 'paid sex'.

"Sorry to disappoint you but I'm no longer available for paid sex....why? b'coz I've come to realize that I derive no pleasure or joy out of physical intimacy that is pursued out of .... obligation(mental/emotional/financial or any other kind)" she said. 

Chopra became the first Indian model to pose nude on the cover of Playboy magazine. 

In November 2012 she will appear on the magazine's cover.

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