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Raaz 3 is good blend of sensuality, horror and human element

Raaz 3 is good blend of sensuality, horror and human element

Cast: Bipasha Basu, Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta, Manish Chaudhuri, Mohan Kapoor

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Story: Shagufta Rafiq

Music: Jeet Ganguly

Censor Rating: A


Somewhere down the conscious, every human being is ravenous for success and prestige and stars of cine galaxy are no exception to the rule. But the things get worst, when these stars get incarcerate within the confines their aspiration and eminence. A well recognized status and fame somewhere down the conscious adds on to self-esteem of these celebs who constantly live with an insecurity of losing it at the toss of a coin.

Sometimes this addiction to stardom compel these celebs, to have an unholy alliance with even the impassable domain of exorcism. And that is the ground where Vikram Bhatt's recently released cine flick Raaz-3 has its roots.

This much talked about cine flick starring Bipasha Basu, Emraan Haashmi and Esha Gupta opened with an occupancy of around 75% at the multiplexes.

Raaz-3 primarily revolves around, the verminous sport of exorcism and necromancy which comes into play, when the domination of an established actress is smashed into bits, by the arrival of a budding actress. And from their takes over the vengeance of an established superstar, who takes a resort in the dark lanes of black magic.

Raaz- 3 is the narrative, of an established actress Shanaya Shekhar ( Bipasha Basu) for whom stardom and success are two essential vitalizing ingredients of her life. But the rising domination of Shanaya fragment into bits after the arrival of a younger actress Sanjana (Esha) who repeatedly trounce Sanjana in the competitive league of showbiz, which does not go down well with Shanaya.

In order to regain her lost glory, Shanaya decides to detach from the path of religion and opts for an unholy alliance with the dark lanes of necromancy and uses her director boyfriend Aditya Arora ( Emraan Hashmi) as pawn to meet her objective.

From their begins the anguish of Sanjana, who falls prey to abominable intentions of Shanaya. But the entire plan of Shanaya flips, when Aditya fall in love with Sanjana. But inspite of that Shanaya prefer to keep the vengeance tab on go and constantly keeps on making the the lives of the duo a living hell.

Ever-since the era of Ramsay brothers, there is a thumb rule for the script of horror cine flicks which says that, it's the bloodcurdling appeal of the onscreen wraith and the spontaneity of those horror sequences which are the prominent ingredients to make horror flick a success.

But as far as scripts of Raaz- 3 is concerned, then besides having those strategically placed joggles, it has got ample amount of "Human-Element" in it which very well showcases the vengeance and agony of the protagonists with a sound dose of audaciousness. 

Though the script of Raaz-3 doesn't have any thing extra ordinary to offer, but inspite of that it somewhat succeeds in keeping the gaze of fans glued to the screen. So for penning down quite a common script but with utmost blending dexterity, Shagufta Rafiq deserves to be patted.

Quite in accordance with the soul of the script, dialogues too don't have any extra ordinary or over the top appeal, but inspite of that they well supplement the theme and nowhere make themselves appear as something, unnecessarily obtruded.

After delivering a box office disaster, Dangerous Ishq, finally Vikram Bhatt is back to re-write the success saga with Raaz-3. Since the first frame of the movie, Vikram pursues this cine cantata of vengeance and anguish with utmost dexterity. 

The flow of the narration takes off so beautifully that you nowhere feels like parting your gaze from the screen. Unlike those core horror flicks, Raaz-3, do not overburden you with those abrupt shocking blows of fear, rather it relies on a balanced blend of human element and horror.

Be it those spine-chilling horror sequences or some passionate scene, Vikram never allowed anything to go beyond the desired proportions and has adroitly succeeded in keeping every ingredient glued to the theme of the story. 

First half of the movie well succeeds in sowing the premise which showcases the vengeance of an actress whose rising stardom nose dives abruptly leading to the inculcation of jealousy and her stepping in the dark aisles of black magic. 

Ever-since the onset of premise, narration of Raaz-3 flows at a constant pace which further adds on to the curiosity of the cine buffs. And as far as emergence of those horror sequences is concerned, then Vikram has very well managed the marvelous spontaneity in their emergence and has kept that blow on face element at bay.

After witnessing the soothing flow of story in the first half, post interval portion of, Raaz-3, may appear as leaping towards climax for a while, but by the time climax reaches, the pace of the story regains its constant momentum to keep fan's attention glued to the celluloid.

As far as 3D factor is concerned, then it looks like post Dangerous Ishq Vikram has realised that `a vowed 3D should be a 3D`, hence in Raaz-3 he has made it sure that 3D embellishment in Raaz-3, should thoroughly succeed in impressing the movie enthusiasts.

As far as the performance of the protagonists of Raaz-3 are concerned, then it's Bipasha Basu who completely steals the show. Throughout the onscreen proceeding, Bipasha keeps on tapping the perfection with utmost adroitness. 

Be it sizzling an audacious scenes, or a psychopathic persona of an actress whose career is down sliding, Bipasha successfully managed to get into the skin of her character. In fact it won't be wrong to say that, Raaz-3 is surely going to revitalize the otherwise crumbling career of Bipasha.

In Raaz-3 Emraan is once again blessed with an opportunity, to get cozy with two sizzling beauties of showbiz. Thanks to the director. Keeping jokes apart, Emraan has once again succeeded in meeting the expectation of his fans and very well fit in the shoes of his character Aditya Arora with utmost excellence.

On the contrary to the performances of these two adroit protagonists, Esha's performance looks somewhat half-hearted in first half where she looks more of an actor sans expression, but as the story proceeds, she copes up well with the demand of her character. 

Though the supporting cast does not have much to do, as the major portion of the story revolves around Bipasha, Emraan and Esha, but inspite of that Manish Chaudhuri thoroughly succeeds in leaving his impact as wicked soul.

Contrary to Bhatt legacy, Raaz-3 nowhere offers a marvelous dose of music, which is usually believed to be an inseparable part of Bhatt movies. Tracks like 'Rafta rafta', 'Deewana kar raha hai', 'Zindagi se' are soothing, melodious, but, not as impressive as the tracks of 2002 cine flick Raaz were. Even the peppy number Kya Raaz is not peppy enough to secure a slot among chart busters tracks.

BO Potential
With a massive brand value to provide an impetus to its BO earning, Raaz-3 is expected to emerge as one of the sought after movie of the year, which may succeed in regaining the lost glory for Vikram and Bipasha. And besides that, unlike the earning pace of Ek Tha Tiger and Rowdy Rathore, Raaz-3 is expected to make a decent amount on BO but at a constant pace of earning.

To sum up, knitted around a core of, aspirations, vengeance and necromancy, RAAZ 3 is an entertaining cine cantata with a sizzling blend of sensuality, horror and human element in 3D. Infact it won't be wrong to say Raaz-3 is worth a watch to have glimpse of redefined horror genre of Bollywood. 

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