Thursday, September 6, 2012

Salman Khan loves kids

Salman Khan loves kids

Salman Khan has found a new interest. He wants to make more and more Kiddie films. While many say a lot of this interest stems out from the fact that the first children film he produced i.e. Chillar Party went on to win the National Award, however others argue it has lot to do with his fascination for kids. It is heard that Salman is the favourite chachu of nearly every kid in B-town.

As we all know, Salman adores his brothers' kids, he often plays with his nephews and nieces. But his love for the bachcha party isn't restricted to his family only. He is equally affectionate towards the kids of his various friends. A source reveals that Karisma Kapur' son Kiaan and Salman Khan gel really well. Recently, when he met the actress and her son at a studio, he was seen spending more time with Kiaan than Karisma. The best part is his love always gets reciprocated by the kids who just adore him.

Ask Salman how he feels to be such a hit among kids, the actor replies that children don't have a convoluted thinking. They always bring a smile to your face. They never try to judge you based on anything. They are naughty but never ill-mannered. Hence, making films for kids is something he would love to do more and more. Interested to become a father yourself, Salman? The actor replied confidently that he would definitely be a dad some day. But till then he has lot many other kids to keep himself busy.

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