Thursday, July 19, 2012

Aamir and Hirani 'Peekay' go abroad

Aamir and Hirani `Peekay` go abroad

Stepping away from his usual practice, Rajkumar Hirani to shoot his next film starring Aamir Khan away from India 

RajKumar Hirani, in the past, has always based his films in India. So whether it be his 3 Idiots or the Munnabhai series, his films have had the quintessential Indian setting.

But when it comes to his next project, Peekay, the filmmaker has decided to shoot a certain section of the film away from the country. 

A source close to Hirani says, "This will be the first time Raju will go out of India to shoot his film. He has chosen Hungary as the locale will suit his film perfectly." 


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