Thursday, July 19, 2012

Did Kareena and Ekta have a fall-out over Emraan Haashmi?

Did Kareena and Ekta have a fall-out over Emraan Haashmi?

After Bebo's recent dismissal of her Emraan Hashmi production, sources indicate that close buddies Ekta Kapoor may not be feeling too kindly about Kareena anymore

Close pals Ekta Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor may not on the best of terms these days. It all started when Bebo was supposed to do the sequel of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai that Ekta is producing. 

But the actress reportedly walked out at the last moment and had to be replaced by Sonakshi Sinha. Now, apparently Ekta is not happy with Bebo's antics.

A source informs, "Ekta was not happy with the fact that Kareena opted out at the last minute. However, Ekta who is also doing a co-production with Karan Johar, to be directed by Akshay Roy and stars Emraan Hashmi really wanted Bebo to sign this film.

Apparently, Kareena did not even hear the script. Ekta was very unhappy about it and has been telling people that she will never work with her in the future."

The source adds, "A couple of days back, Ekta also had a funny status message on her phone, which could indicate: Damaged Psycho + Dumb Bimbo = Heroine (we wonder if she was referring to Bebo's next release). This clearly shows that she is not very happy with Bebo." 

When we contacted Kareena Kapoor, she rubbished the news. Ekta however chose not to reply to our SMS. 


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