Sunday, October 7, 2012

Avoid 'Kismet Love Paisa Dilli'

Avoid `Kismet Love Paisa Dilli`

Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Mallika Sherawat, Ashutosh Rana

Dir: Sanjay Khanduri

Rating: *

A Dilli ka munda who prefers to call himself Mr Hunter roams the streets of the country's capital in the thick of the night hoping to find his prey a nymphet. He even declares to his catch, "Dilli safe nahin... Dilli mein raat ko shikari ghoomte hai." 

Meanwhile Mr Hunter's buddy gives him tips about how to make the `bistar garam.` He asks Mr Hunter, `Chatri hain?` The reply is that he will make do with polythene! Talk of safe sex! 

Writer-director Khanduri (who earlier made Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local) may have felt that a script laced with toilet humour and double entendre would be mighty amusing. But in his endeavour to overdo the potty talk, the entire plot stinks only if someone had remembered to use the flush!

Lucky aka Mr Hunter (Oberoi) and Lovina (Sherawat) get caught in a bizarre situation after missing the last train at the Delhi Metro. Instead of showcasing their plight apart from the oddballs they encounter, there is an overemphasis on all the assorted characters indulging in bathroom talk or wanting to use the washroom. Mr Hunter even urinates in whiskey glasses! 

Before you say eeks... there is also a menacing eyes Kaptaan saab (Rana). Along with his henchmen, he is on the streets celebrating his birthday. Kaju katlis and robbing an ATM won't do for him, what he wants is a nymphet too. And when he finds one he declares, `Happy Mother's Day... tu maa banne waali hai.`

There's nothing even on the acting front that can save this film. It's as bizarre as the scene where Sherawat is seen in her silver stilettoes walking on the streets and after a few steps she is seen in flat footwear! And then she declares, `Bathroom jaana hai.` While Mr Hunter wonders why women want to go there so often! 

The point to note is that when you make adult comedies, they jolly well be funny, not crappy like KLPD.


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