Saturday, October 13, 2012

I am ambitious but I won't kill myself for work: Jacquelin

I am ambitious but I won`t kill myself for work: Jacqueline

Three years back, Jacqueline Fernandez took a shot at Bollywood with her film 'Aladdin'. The actress in a candid chat talks about her journey 

On the personal front, the lady learnt to be patient and wiser for her years. As CS completes three years today, we speak to this lady who too began her journey in October 2009.

Golden moments
While I can't pinpoint at any importance of the number three in my life, I must say that three seems to be pretty lucky for me. It was my third Hindi film Murder 2 that gave me my first hit. I am now in my third year in Bollywood, and it's full of promise. I hope that I get my third hit with my film that's releasing early next year. The biggest highs were when Murder 2 was a hit.

Roller coaster ride
Well, my journey's been a bit of a struggle, lots of ups and downs, but I am learning to take everyday as it comes and make the most out of it. Plus, I have learnt through trial and error that patience is the key to surviving in Bollywood. 

Sometimes, I feel I have aged 30 years in these last three years. I used to live in a lot of fear of what was to come and of people judging me negatively. 

But I have learnt to let go and living for myself, family, friends and amazing memories are all that matter to me. Also, I have learnt to voice my opinions and not fear the outcomes of being honest.

Lessons for life
The most important thing about failure or going through rough times is that they remind you of what you don't want to repeat in your life. I look back and say, `Ok, I am never making that mistake again`. It's really important that you learn and move on, but at the same time be adamant and not let history repeat itself. I heal better and faster when I am on my own. I need my space.

Future plans
I have no plans whatsoever. I never have. I am compulsive and move ahead with what life throws at me. If it makes me happy that's what I base my decisions on, and that's the way I like it! I am ambitious but I won't kill myself for work. I always like to have a life as well. 


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