Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hotties Guide: How to Survive in Bollywood Without Work

Hotties Guide: How to Survive in Bollywood Without Work

Some B-Town folk know exactly how to stay in the news -- with a film or without!

They may be known by the box office collections of their last release (read: the lack of it), but some B-Town folk certainly know how to create a constant buzz around them. It's not easy after all to always remain relevant and wanted in tinsel town. 

The A-list is keen to retain their positions while the rest are determined to find a toehold on that hallowed starry firmament. With industry camps, director's favourites and which starlet can indulge in a greater skinfest to attract eyeballs, there is a constant struggle to stay afloat.

Here are eight ways stars and the starlets remain in the news...

1 Get linked
It could be a co-star for starters. Perhaps it will add to the chemistry on screen or help in the film's media blitzkrieg. It could perhaps aid in more offers. Or step out at a multiplex with a known face from B-Town, the paparazzi will get you with the popcorn in hand. Or better still hook up with a celebrity - especially a cricketer. Or get a Hollywood name or at least a phirang. If not, spill the beans about an ex.

2 Big project in handIG PROJECT IN HAND
You have landed a dream role with this topnotch production house or director for the upcoming flick. Add how excited you are but can't divulge - blame it on superstition!

3 Talks are in progress
This happens especially when the makers are imaginary, so you are in talk endlessly and are waiting for the makers to make that big announcement.

4 In prep mode
You are either learning a new martial art form or losing the flab. Or better still have a foreign import to help you prepare for the role. There are also dance classes, diction classes, workshops and costume trials to be done.

5 Plan a holiday 
You want to get away from it all for some rest, recreation and retail therapy. It has to be an exotic place and what you always wanted to do. No one will know whether you actually set foot on that land.

6 Helping hand
Espouse a cause and how you want to better society by making that difference. Step out for a green cause or be around for the have- nots. But they make sure that they get clicked while doing so.

7 Makeover
Bored of long locks? Go in for a short chic look. You will get noticed. Get a tattoo done, you will get snapped. Return after a trip looking ekdum alag. Plastic surgery for those pumped up lips. Declare it is a fish allergy. You suddenly look top heavy... blame it on the weight gain. Crowfeet and eye bags go missing... blame it on the restful holiday.

8 Denial mode
It's easy and time tested. Say/do whatever, and then deny. White lies is okay. Whether it is pregnancy, a relationship or you said it - it does not matter. 


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